Audienz, a Seattle-based tech industry marketing company specializing in cloud strategy, says that the one of the main challenges facing tech companies as we emerge from the Covid pandemic is enthusing and equipping sales staff who may have been working in isolation for more than a year with new technical knowledge.

“We are working with a number of companies selling various tech solutions via the cloud,” explains Steve Heuring. a partner at Audienz. “Many have a multi-layered approach to selling, with both overview and specialist sales staff.

“We have been seeing the effect of remote working and burn out in a number of these companies and the challenge for staff having to learn new tech to sell, new targets to hit, and the need to keep sales teams ready and educated on latest trends and products.”

This, Heuring adds, demands a shift in focus towards a more collegiate approach to sales that is geared to human engagement rather than product features and benefits.

“The cloud has rapidly changed the technology market, influencing everything from buyer’s journeys to purchasing decisions. In this evolving landscape, salespeople need to be motivated and equipped with all they need to keep pace. This means developing campaigns with a concept and a theme that gets them excited and taps into the human being behind the professional facade.”

“We always say that being relevant is about speaking the language of your audience.

“It’s about letting them know that you understand them. That you respect what they do. If you do it right, it will lead to empathy. And that, at that point, your sales team’s objective will become turning that into trust, influence, and, ultimately, a closed deal.

“We believe starting that process with your own sales team should be the post-pandemic way forward.”