New from Quooker, the original inventors of the 100°C boiling water tap, is the most innovative kitchen tap to date, the Quooker Flex. This multi-function three temperature boiling water tap has an innovative added fourth function, a pull-out flex hose for delivery of warm and cold water with total accuracy. Safety is paramount in the Quooker Flex, which also delivers cold filtered water for drinking, via an integrated water filter.

Like all its predecessors, the Quooker Flex delivers genuine 100°C boiling water for use in hot drink preparation, cooking and cleaning. For ultimate safety, however, it will not deliver boiling water when the flex hose is in use, thanks to Quooker’s unique boiling water safety device.

Like Quooker’s popular Fusion tap, the Flex features a unique push and turn handle. A single push and turn will engage the water filter for cold filtered drinking water and, when this is in use, a blue LED light is illuminated. Push twice and turn, and a red LED light will come on, to alert the user that 100°C boiling water is being dispensed.

The Flex is securely mounted to the kitchen worktop with a highly versatile 270° rotation, which allows water to be dispensed precisely where the user needs it, facilitating the safe filling of pots, pans, mugs and teapots either in or over the sink, or on the worktop.

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“Obviously, we don’t want anyone to be holding a hose which delivers boiling water,” says Stephen Johnson, Managing Director of Quooker UK, “but we do want to give our customers the flexibility, quite literally, of being able to direct cold or warm water wherever they want it, to help with tasks such as cleaning salad leaves or taking food residue off plates and pans before washing. That’s why we have created a best of both worlds in the four-in-one Quooker Flex; an ultra-safe boiling water tap combined with a truly versatile mixer tap. And by adding our new integrated water filter, we have actually created a five-in one tap to provide drinking water as well. This new appliance is bound to delight the UK’s kitchen owners.”

The Quooker Flex can also be paired with Quooker’s tried and tested COMBI system, which delivers hot, cold and 100°C boiling water all from a single cold feed, reducing both energy bills and water wastage by eliminating the need to run the tap for long periods to draw water from a domestic hot tank. “Really this makes it an incredible six-in-one appliance, with many more reasons why people should definitely consider it. In terms of safety, and savings in time, energy, water and money, we think it’s probably unbeatable,” adds Johnson.

Like all Quookers in the Nordic range, the Quooker Flex has a twin-walled construction which prevents it becoming too hot, leaving it safe to touch even when dispensing boiling water, and an aerated spray delivery which prevents scalding.

The Quooker Flex is available in the distinctive modern Nordic Round design and comes in a choice of polished chrome or stainless steel. Prices start at £1,150.