MAN v FAT Challenge, a home-based healthy living and competitive digital weight loss programme for men who want to improve their physical and mental health, is to set up for a day of free, on-the-spot BMI testing later this month at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


Members of the MAN v FAT Challenge team will be on Level 1 in the hospital’s East Atrium on Friday November 25th from 9am offering quick mini-health checks for any adult, looking at height and weight and providing a BMI check. Your BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a measure of your weight compared to your height. Your BMI can indicate you are underweight, have a healthy weight, are overweight or obese. If your BMI is outside of the healthy range, your health risks can increase significantly.


Already in Norfolk, 126 men have taken part in MAN v FAT Challenge, losing 543 pounds of excess weight between them, to date. According to Norfolk County Council as many as 65.7 per cent of adults in the region are overweight or obese,


With MAN v FAT Challenge men join a local team, weigh in remotely online, scoring points for weight loss whilst receiving support from a dedicated coach. Participants take on other teams in weekly challenges, and earn bonus points for the best entries, losing weight and improving their health, and achieving bonuses for weight loss milestones.


“This is an important chance for us to be present at the hospital and to engage with as many visitors and staff members as we can,” says MAN v FAT Challenge Programme Manager, Ben Middleton. “At a time when obesity is becoming a major issue across the UK, a quick, simple and free health check with us on your way into or out of the hospital will give you a good indication of your own current status and we can then, if you wish, direct you towards services that can lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.”



One person who has already benefited from joining the MAN v FAT Challenge is 60-year-old Ian Lodge from Caister on Sea, who joined the programme in August this year after being referred by his GP. In that short time, Ian has lost 9.8Kg or just over 10% of his starting body weight on the Challenge, dropping from 15 stone down to 13.5 stone.


“I have been wanting to lose weight for some time but couldn’t really get motivated to do it,” says Ian, “And MAN v FAT Challenge fits with my lifestyle as I am away for work through the week.”


“The challenges help you to focus more on what you’re eating and get you exercising, even if previously you did very little. The other major factor is the support you get from other members. They are all going through the same process, and you are never judged. If you do put weight on there is only ever encouragement to help you get back on track.”


“I comfortably met my initial weight goal of 13st 7lb at around week 4 of the Challenge and at this point re-introduced some carbs but made sure these were the heathiest whole grain types.  I am now hovering weight wise between 12st 12lb and 13st 4lb – if I didn’t need to weigh in for the challenge, I probably would avoid the scales.”


“There have been a couple of weeks when my weight has gone up instead of down but there is always support there to help you through these difficulties. I would urge anyone to sign up and give it a try. It may not be to everyone’s taste, and I’ll admit I had doubts at first, but you may find it’s exactly what you need to get you started on losing weight. As I said, there is no judgement, no unrealistic expectations, you set your own targets and the other members give you all the support and encouragement to reach them.”


With MAN v FAT Challenge, weekly scores are based around three core principles:


Nutrition – participants will be challenged each week to create a meal from scratch around a theme. Each team’s best dish can be put forward to earn bonus points.


Exercise – teams will be challenged each week to complete the exercise challenge that they are set. They must also complete a workout in the MAN v FAT Virtual Gym and a freestyle 30-minute exercise of their choice.


Building Healthy Habits –members receive points for filling in their scorecard. Along with exercise and nutrition challenges, we also set tasks based on building habits such as tracking food. Teams are also introduced to the concept of increasing their NEAT calorie burn and include a self-care square to create a holistic approach to lifestyle change.


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