Independent financial advisory, Hoxton Capital Management which has offices in the UAE and UK has announced its progression to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) directly authorised status.

As part of the ongoing growth and development of Hoxton Capital Management global group, the UK company, Hoxton Capital Management (UK) Ltd has received confirmation of its Directly Authorised status from the FCA – the UK’s financial services regulator.

Hoxton Capital Management, the international retirement planning specialists, has grown rapidly since a successful launch in spring 2018, initially operating as an appointed representative in the UK with a nationwide advisory network.

“Transitioning from network representative to direct authorisation was always on our roadmap, but the fact that we sought to make this transition after a little more than a year of trading is testament to the success and rapid growth that the firm is enjoying.

“The development of our business is moving at a rapid pace and we are at a size now where representative status was no longer suitable for a firm of our standing,” says Matthew Dean – Chartered Adviser and Managing Partner of the UK business.

Dean continues: “This is great news for our UK-based clients and for those clients of ours living overseas who may return to the UK one-day. It cements our status as a company and gives us a firm foundation on which to continue to develop our UK business, which is focussed on servicing those returning former expats and providing continuation of the solid retirement planning advice initially given to them by our advisers operating overseas.”

Speaking on behalf of the international group, Mr Dean’s counterpart, Managing Partner, Chris Ball was glowing in his assessment of the significance of this development and of the effort made to achieve it:

“I am extremely proud that our UK company, which is run and operated by Matt Dean has completed their direct authorisation process with the FCA – congratulations to him and all of the team. Matt has done an amazing job and all the hard work put in by the team has paid off. This is fantastic news for all of our UK clients and a great progression for us as a group.”

About Hoxton Capital Management:

Hoxton Capital Management provides unparalleled personal financial advice to expatriate clients living globally, with a focus on helping clients who are looking to plan towards retirement (either abroad or back in the UK) whilst working and earning internationally.

As a borderless, independent financial advisory consultancy, Hoxton Capital Management is unrelenting in its commitment to safeguarding the financial future and retirement goals of its clients.

Founded by UK qualified financial advisers, Hoxton Capital Management offers a fresh approach with a dynamic energy that sets it apart from its competitors in the international advisory space.