Francesco Casoli, President of Italian cooker hood manufacturer Elica, has
officially opened the company’s new UK trade showroom in Aldershot.

The 110m2 facility will be available to studios, consultants and interior
designers who want to see and show to clients some of the company’s
ground-breaking range of hoods, which are renowned for combining high
performance extraction with stunning design and contemporary finishes.

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Speaking at the event, Casoli underpinned the company’s commitment to being true “air architects” – or ‘AIRchitects’ – with the goal of improving and preserving the quality of the air that we breathe every day in our homes.

“This new facility perfectly displays our determination to constantly innovate and to create products which meet the constantly changing demands of our customers” Casoli said. “Our products prove that there need not be any compromise between performance, design and technical innovation. We are sure that our existing and future UK clients will make great use of this facility for the benefit of their own businesses.”

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Howard Bogod, Managing Director of DR Kitchen Appliances, Elica’s exclusive UK distributor, outlined the company’s three product ranges – the new Stream and Technè lines as well as important additions to its existing Iconic hoods with key new products on display in the showroom.

Stream is a collection of hoods and induction hobs that are capable of interacting intelligently and wirelessly with each other and with Snap, Elica’s new air quality balancer. The system functions by combining data from sensors within the hoods and the new range of induction hobs. Fitted with innovative wireless technology, the hob transmits real time information about the way it is being used to the hood, including which zones on the hob are in use, the cooking power being used and even presence of pots and pans themselves.

Hoods in the Technè line feature a range of new technologies: sensors that automatically detect the quantity and quality of vapours and adjust the hoods performance, the Tune White function that enables users to set the tint of the LED light to match that of the other lighting in the kitchen, A class or better energy rating, high performance filters that can be regenerated.

For its Iconic hoods Elica continues to pioneer new finishes and materials in
response to trends in home design. International kitchen manufacturers –
especially at the top of the market- are experimenting with alternative metallic
finishes to standard stainless steel and Elica have responded with new hoods
having complementary finishes such as polished copper, bronze, cast iron and
machined steel.

In addition to some of Elica’s most popular and established hoods, guests could
see some of these new products only just launched at Eurocucina show in Milan.
These include:

• NikolaTesla is Elica’s first integrated extractor and induction hob, combines the functions of
two appliances in one single product. It offers all the advantages of the best
induction hobs, such as rapid cooking, temperature control and easy cleaning,
with an integrated high performance extractor. NikolaTesla has the best
extraction and filtration system of any combined unit on the market and is
designed for flexible and easy installation in islands as narrow as 60cm.

• Loop, a vertical hood with soft elegant lines and Tune White LED lighting. All
round extraction from the bottom and centre of the appliance and around the ring
contributes to high performance and an A+ energy rating.

• Majestic Sense, a new vertical Elica hood which solves the problem of
condensation from induction hobs by including heating elements as in rear window
de-misters in cars or heated mirrors in a bathroom – elegant, brilliant and A
class energy efficiency.

• Interstellar the next generation of Elica’s iconic Celestial hood. Larger,
more powerful, with sensor technology, dimmable LED lighting and energy class A
efficiency. There are clear and black glass versions and with its 1150 glass
prisms refracting light, Interstellar is a stunning focal point to any kitchen.

• Shining is an elegant, new suspended hood available in four finishes: polished
copper; Peltrox – which looks machined steel, cast iron, and rust.