Quooker, the inventor of the 100 degree boiling water tap, is launching new finishes in the UK, with the Fusion Round and Square taps now available in black and gold.

The new additions share the same advantages as the familiar Quooker Fusion taps, delivering water at a true 100 degrees Celsius, hot and cold – replacing mixer taps and kettles in homes.

The Fusion features a standard lever for hot and cold water, and above that a textured steel ring for 100 degree instant boiling water. Users push down on the ring twice and rotate it clockwise to release boiling water, whilst turning the ring changes the speed at which the water is released.


There are two chambers inside the tap, an outer perimeter delivering hot and cold water from normal household water feeds and an inner one that delivers the instant 100 degree boiling water from the patented stainless steel Quooker flask.

The childproof double push and turn handle, with a warning light ring which lights up when the water is heating up, or when boiling water is being used, insulated spout and fine aerated spray ensure no risk of scalding or burning.

Fusion black from £1490 including free installation when purchased from quooker.co.uk